Dear first time mom, love third time mom

Dear first time mom,

I see you there, rubbing your belly and talking to your baby. You think of what it will be like when she’s here. How your bond will be. What she’ll look like. How she’ll talk. How she’ll act. You just know you will be so happy once she’s here. You’ve been wanting a baby for a long time and God gave you your baby. You cannot wait for the future.

Well.. sometimes things don’t go like you thought and that’s ok. You didn’t have that instant bond like you thought. You had some postpartum that you NEVER thought you would have. You don’t sleep. You think you’re doing everything wrong. You actually say “why did I decide to have a baby??” You’re scared, but you know what.. you’re not alone. You need to remember that. A lot of moms feel this way but it’s not as expressed. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. It’s not easy. You want everything to be perfect and it’s not. When you were pregnant, the future didn’t look like this. You honestly thought it was going to be a breeze. Your child would sleep through the night, she would be your absolute best friend and you would never have her spend the night away. But she didn’t sleep good last night and you would love for a grandparent to take her for the night. Why isn’t it going the way you thought? 

That’s an answer I wish I had. But you know what? It goes by so fast. You blink and that tiny baby is now 3 and is a big big sister. The saying is true. “The days are long but the years are short”. Those longs days that you didn’t think you would get through, guess what, you did. You really do need to take it one day at a time. Some days you love her so much you cry.. and there are some days she so difficult you cry. It’s worth it though. I think the hard times at the beginning makes you a better mom now. Makes you a real mom. Make you a good mom. 

Oh and then you have 2 more and doing a hell of a job! Look at you being a badass mom! 

Third time mom 
PS this isn’t the future you thought, but it’s the future you needed

Why did God give me all girls?

I have often wonder why God gave us 3 girls so close in age. Why couldn’t one of them just be a boy? A boy for my husband to teach car things too and to show him how to build things out of wood. For the longest time, my heart ached for my husband. I felt like I let him down for not giving him a boy. For not carrying on his last name. For not giving him a “buddy”. I seriously cried when they told me #3 was a girl. Why? Why did I cry? I am so blessed to be able to have 3 kids so why does it matter the gender? Honestly, it doesn’t matter. God gives you what you NEED not what you want.

We needed girls. We needed those sisters. We needed them to be there for each other. I’m not saying if we had a boy, they wouldn’t be close. I just think a sister bond goes deeper than anything. The love my girls have for each other amazes me every single day. The second one will just walk by and give her baby sister a kiss for no reason. The oldest will share her goldfish with her little sister just because she had an extra one. Both the older girls will rub the baby’s back when she is crying to calm her down. LOVE. Love is what they have for each other. I think those girls need each other and will be so close when they are older. Be best friends and that’s all I could ask for.

I’m learning each day I needed these girls. They really have changed my life for the better. and also my husband’s life. My husband has turned into a big softy when it comes to those girls. and you know what, he does have a “buddy” in them. My oldest loves to be outside with him while he is out there. They love their daddy, but their daddy loves them a lot more

Society puts some much emphasis on the “perfect family”. One of each means perfect. That is far from the truth. You are complete with what God gives you. All of our puzzle pieces fit perfectly. And you know what, If i could do it again, I would not change a thing. My 3 girls are all I need and will ever need. It can be hard at times just because they are so close in age, but everything is temporary. When they are older, I can see them leaning on each other for everything. and I love thinking about that. I also see all 4 of us being super close and wanting to do everything together. I cannot wait!

With that being said, thank you Lord for my healthy children. They are happy and loved. What else could a mom want? Gender doesnt matter. They are loved and I am loved. We are a complete family.

We do have a boy dog though. So my husband has another male in the house to talk to about us crazy girls. hahaha