Not a fan of the title “Middle Child”

I have never liked the title “middle child”. If you’ve noticed it my posts, I refer to Averi as little sister. We have 3 girls so Harper is Big sister, Averi is little sister, and Carsen is baby sister. I’ve always felt that middle child came with a negative attachment. You always hear about the poor middle child. I don’t want Averi growing up thinking she is just the poor middle child. She is anything but that.

We found out Averi was going to be a big sister when she was 4mos old. I made it my mission to spend as much time as I could with her so we would have a bond like no other. Maybe it was because I felt guilty in a sense. I was pregnant most of her baby life and I couldn’t do the things I could when Harper was a baby. I know she wouldn’t know but I would. And man, did we bond. I love all my children the same but that little Averi is so special

She laughs ALL the time. She’ll just walk down the hall laughing for no reason. She can hold her own to her big sister but be so sweet and gentle to her baby sister. She get so excited when anyone walks through the door. I mean like really excited. She throws her hands up in the air and makes these funny noises. Everyone at her daycare has fallen in love with her. 

God knew she would have to fill a big sister role so early that he made her special.. and tiny. Guess he also wanted me to know what it’s like to have twins because little sister and baby sister are almost the same size 

I never want her to feel like the poor middle child and so far, I have accomplished that. I didn’t get the time I wanted to with her and I probably never will.. but I make sure I spend equal time with each child. Love my girls 

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